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A Beginner's Guide to Picking Non-Alcoholic & Low ABV Spirits

Whilst the abbreviation 'NoLo' is fast catching on, determining the differences between the alcohol-free, non-alcoholic, low ABV (alcohol by volume) and reduced alcohol categories can be a minefield.

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding what to pick, you need to ask yourself two questions. Firstly, what percentage ABV do you want to, or can you, drink? Secondly, do you want to recreate the taste of your go-to alcoholic spirit, or would you prefer to experiment and explore a more unique range of flavours? Read on to find out more…

In this guide you will learn:

How to tell the difference between alcohol-free, non-alcoholic, low abv and reduced alcohol spirits 

How they are produced and how this affects flavour 

How to drink them