Introducing: Drinks Distilled X Dima's Vodka

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our charity partnership with Dima's Vodka! We have created two Pickled Martini kits in collaboration with Dima’s (ideal for Dirty Martini fans!), and will be donating £5 of their proceeds to the charity First Aid Kits for Ukraine.

What's more - you can choose from a festive red ribbon or a Dima's blue ribbon and can even add Dima’s Ukrainian-inspired cocktail recipe book - Budmo! - to your order, to donate an additional £5 to provide first aid kits to the Ukraine.

 Dima’s is distilled about 140 kilometres west of Kyiv at a distillery that has been around since 1896. Ukraine’s long-standing vodka-making ability and expertise were key factors in creating Dima’s Vodka and wanting to showcase Ukraine and its amazing traditions and culture in a traditional way.

Scroll on to learn more about why award-winning spirits writer and Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide Millie Milliken selected Dima's and check out our brand new cocktail kits...

Budmo! (‘let us be’ - the most popular Ukrainian toast 🍸)

Tasting Notes

Millie explains: "If you like briny, salty and savoury flavours then this vodka will be right up your street. It’s made out of three different grains – barley, wheat and rye – which gives it those lovely cereal notes and some serious texture. There’s a herbal note too and a breadiness, plus some welcome salinity as well on the finish."

Don't forget, every single bottle of Dima's Vodka comes complete with a free recipe card so you always have our experts' insights and recommended serves to hand!

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Suggested Serves

Millie suggests: "For me, this has to go into making a Martini. Its super saline and savoury notes make it ideal for this simple, classic cocktail. For something slightly different, try a pickled martini. This is a Dirty Martini, but using pickle juice instead of olive brine. The salinity of this vodka makes it the perfect backbone for such a spirit-forward cocktail and the addition of the pickle makes it more authentically Ukrainian (and it’s delicious too).

Our brand new Pickled Martini gift sets are available now complete with a choice of our festive red or Dima's blue ribbon!

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Food Pairing Suggestion

Millie explains: "This works well with what you might call ‘picky bits’ – cured ham, olives, cheese, pickled anything."

Dima’s always serve their vodka with a pickle, which is the traditional accompaniment in Ukraine. The pickle is a powerful little thing with an explosive taste profile – its saltiness perfectly complements the sweet smoothness of their vodka.

Discover Dima's Recipe Book

From Millie's suggested Pickled Martini serve, to the Beetroot Bloody Mary and Kyiv Mule - Dima's cocktail book, Budmo! is curated by renowned mixologist, Tony Pescatori.

Discover a world of diverse vodka cocktail recipes, immerse yourself in the vibrant Ukrainian bar scene, learn the art of crafting the perfect vodka accompaniment – pickles, and delve into the secrets of Ukrainian vodka infusions, known as nalyvkas.

£5 from every book purchase will contribute to supporting essential first aid kits for Ukraine.

Budmo! Vodka Cocktails From Ukraine


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