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"What's The Best Salt For A Margarita Rim?"

Our latest Spirits Whisperer is in honour of Margarita Day (22nd Feb) as we’re taking a closer look at the salt you should be using for the classic serve!

Do you really need to use salt?

Salt is integral to creating the flavour profile of a Margarita as its salinity brightens and balances out the sweet and sour notes of the serve. Just make sure to use it sparingly (as you would any seasonings) so that your drink isn't overly salty.

Texture matters

For a classic Margarita, the best salt to use is generally regarded to be Kosher salt, as it possesses a milder salty taste, holds moisture well and dissolves slowly in the mouth thanks to its larger grains and coarse texture. It also has less additives, such as iodine and sticks to a glass far easier than ordinary table salt.

What are the alternatives?

Maldon sea salt

A delicious option but be aware it brings a more subtle taste and fewer salt crystals tend to stick to the glass, which can lead to wastage.

Himalayan pink salt

Great for pairing with sweeter flavours found in fruity twists on the serve as its higher salinity balances nicely against the sweet.


Famously paired with mezcal, this can bring a smoky and spicy kick to your tequila or mezcal Margarita.

Get creative

Experiment with flavoured salts (wasabi anyone?) or mixing your favourite spices or herbs with Kosher salt to find out your new favourite combo.

What to avoid

We recommend avoiding table salt as it tends to be overly salty and clumpy.

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