5 Drinks Trends To Try In 2024

From the rise of eco-conscious spirits, bar and glassware, to savoury sips - step into our cocktail crystal ball as we raise a glass to the top five drink trends we predict will be big in 2024!

1. Embrace a Moderation Mindset 

In a world where excess often takes centre stage, the trend for moderation will continue to gain momentum this year. We're waving goodbye to strict abstinence during months such as Dry January and Sober October, and ushering in a “damp” era - taking a balanced approach to our cocktail consumption year-round.

Challenging yourself with ‘Damp January’ and then assessing your consumption on an ongoing basis promotes gentle self-compassion, recognising that progress in moderation is rarely linear. Unlike the potential binge after a dry month, the aim is to establish lasting, positive changes in drinking habits with a mix of non-alcoholic and reduced-alcohol spirits and cocktails.

Head to our beginner’s guide to no and low and low ABV calculation guide. Or head to our no and low spirits and cocktail recipe library to kick-start your moderation mindset and be inspired by flavourful NoLo cocktails! 

2. Sustainable Sips 

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, drinkers are taking a more sustainable approach to their home bars. The simplest way to start is to look for drinks brands prioritising eco-friendly production and packaging such as Ramsbury Vodka, Benromach Whisky and Everleaf Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. Cocktail lovers should also think about how they can use and re-use seasonal ingredients for their serves.

It’s not just about what’s in your preferred bottle though, we are also big fans of the trend for vintage glassware and barware which offer both a unique and sustainable way of enjoying your tipple! 

Find more tips via our sustainable home bar guide.

3. Be Bold With Drinkware & Barware

With everyone feeling the pinch, entertaining at home continues to rise in popularity - allowing you to get creative and impress your guests with trend-driven drinkware and barware. Alongside taking a more considered approach with vintage pieces - look out for bright colours, geometric patterns, metallic accents and maximalist, quirky finds if you want to stay on top of the latest homeware trends this year. Deep purple, berry shades are also set to be big, alongside Pantone’s colour of the year, Peach Fuzz!

Explore our trend-driven range of drinkware and barware.

4. Inclusive & Personalised Gift-Giving 

We hope to see gifting and the way spirits are marketed evolve in 2024, shedding traditional gender norms for a more inclusive and personalised approach. 

Inequalities in the world of whisky in particular and the way it’s marketed (highlighted by female-led organisations such as the Our Whisky Foundation) have resulted in assumptions that the category is best suited to men, whilst other categories such as gin have often been associated with a female-led audience. 

Have you fallen into this trap, perhaps without even realising it? If you’re gifting a cocktail lover in the year ahead, it’s time to pay close attention to their favourite flavours. Use our handy (and quick!) Spirits Compass quiz and bespoke gift box builder to create a truly personalised treat for them. 

5. Simple & Savoury Cocktails 

We’re cheating here with not just one but four of our favourite cocktail and spirits trend predictions for 2024:

  • Make it Minimalist - Tapping into the sustainability trend - cocktails that use three ingredients max will come to the fore this year. This simple approach not only reduces wastage but also allows you to truly appreciate each ingredient.

  • Savoury Serves - Palates are evolving towards sophisticated and umami flavours. Expect to see unusual ingredients such as mushrooms, parmesan, miso and seaweed coming to menus near you! For an easy home-made option that combines this trend with the predicted surge in popularity of vodka- try our Dima’s pickled martini set complete with pickled gherkins for a Ukrainian-inspired take on a dirty martini.

  • Agave Spirits - Tequila and Mezcal continue to rise in popularity with the Paloma predicted to be a trending cocktail and twists on classics such as the mezcal negroni leading the charge. If you’re a newbie to mezcal, The Lost Explorer is a great starting point with its underlying smokiness that doesn’t overpower its herbaceous flavour notes and smooth palate.

  • Get Creative with Coffee - Finally, coffee cocktails are also on the up, with searches for the Mexican coffee cocktail Carajillo doubling in the last year. If you’re looking to experiment with coffee, start with the classic Espresso Martini or Irish Coffee and then work from there - Mr Black Coffee Liqueur is home-bar friendly and will soon help you find your new favourite serve with their coffee-based cocktail recipes.

Head to our cocktail recipe library to discover your new favourite serves.


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