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Introducing: Eleonora Biason, Drinks Distilled Gin Guide

Meet Eleonora Biason, Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide. Native to Friuli Venezia GIulia in Italy, the land of Grappa spirit and Collio, Eleonora was naturally inclined to excel in a career in bartending.



Eleonora can be found working as Bar Manager at Holborn Dining Room’s Gin Bar, located in Rosewood London.

Eleonora’s career started at Scarfes Bar - where she was a bartender prior for five years - and she is thankful to the team for giving her confidence to take on new challenges.

Outside of her job in bartending, Eleonora won a Four Pillars Gin competition that took her to Australia, where she was able to create her own gin.

Eleonora’s creative input also can be found in collaborative cocktail books: ‘Negronology with Campari’, with Conte Cedroni, and ‘A Cognac Lover's Guide to Classic Cocktails - Tribute to Martell’, with Matthias Lateral, a part of the #CordonBleuChallenge.


Why Did You Pick Never Never Southern Strength?

I like that Never Never Southern Strength was created by bartenders with classic gin cocktails in mind. It’s an overproof gin, meaning it has a higher alcoholic strength than your average London Dry gins. Never Never Southern Strength consistently collects gold medals too thanks to its triple juniper process and aromatic flavour profile. It’s my go to for classic cocktails like the Gin Martini and the G&T!


What Are the Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Gin?

Gin is not stronger than vodka, or vice versa, the average ABV of these spirits are often the same. Sometimes people think gin is stronger as it has more flavour, however that's not the case - it's just that vodka is measured for its purity more than its flavour.

London Dry doesn't have to be made in London! Its name refers to a method of distillation where a neutral spirit must be infused with botanicals and be juniper forward.


What Are Your Top Tips for Picking Gin?

It may seem obvious but I would never recommend going for a cheap gin - look for options above at least £18 to find one that has been produced using quality ingredients and has a premium taste. It's also important to read up on the brand and its ingredients and to get to know the style of gin you like taste-wise. Brush up on the flavour profiles of each stye and go to a bar or specialist stores to learn and experiment.


Where’s Your Favourite Place to Enjoy Gin Cocktails?

My favourite plate to enjoy cocktails is always at the bar counter. I love the atmosphere that's created by seeing bartenders in action! I may be biased but we have over 300 gins at The Gin Bar at the Holborn Dining Room, so naturally I would have to suggest coming to see me so we can figure out which gin and gin cocktail suits you together!


What’s Your Top Home Bartending Tip?

Pre-batch and freeze your drinks! Whenever I make myself or friends drinks at home, I always make extra to keep it in the freezer ready to drink. I like to recycle the glass containers from juices, sauces and jams. Make sure you don't overfill them though as this can cause your container to break.


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