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Introducing: Emily Chipperfield, Drinks Distilled Whiskey Guide

Meet the Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide behind our Green Spot Irish Whiskey selection: Emily Chipperfield.



Previously the head of bars for Callooh Callay in London, a multi-award winning cocktail bar, Emily is a whisky specialist. Her modern approach to spirits and drinks has led to Emily hosting masterclasses for European Bartending School with Ardbeg being part of the judging panel for the World Whisky Awards in 2021.

Tell Us About Your Selection

Green Spot has a very approachable and versatile flavour profile, making it great for anyone new to whisky, whilst also being a bar staple for whiskey aficionados. I feel confident serving it all year around and for all kinds of occasions - from drinking it neat on a cold winter’s night or in a long cocktail on a hot summer’s day.

These qualities make it a great introduction to the unique Irish style of making whiskey. It’s a triple distilled single pot still whiskey, using a blend of malted and unmalted barley (unlike Scotch malt which uses 100% malted barley).

Green Spot bursts with apple and pear flavours, thanks to its maturation in a combination of new bourbon and refill bourbon as well as sherry casks.

Its fresh fruit flavour and sweetness is also thanks to being relatively young: although it has no age statement, it comprises whiskies between 7 and 10 years old. Pot still whiskies are also known for adding spice and body thanks to the combination of malted and unmalted. Did anyone say apple pie?


What Are the Most Common Misconceptions People Have of This Style of Irish Whiskey?

Triple distilled whiskey has a reputation for being overly light in character, however this is not necessarily always true. There are many factors that contribute to making a whiskey: the type of grain used, fermentation, distillation and maturation. All which can manipulate your whiskey to taste wildly different.

Think of it like making a dish and how swapping one spice for another might make it taste like a whole new dish despite using the exact same produce.


What Are Your Top Tips for Picking Whiskey?

Different categories of whisky might have some production methods similar to each other such as barrel finishes or added peat to the kilning process. If you know you like Scotch peated whisky, you might like peated whiskies from another provenance.

Similarly if you like single malt finished in red wine barrels, you might like other categories finished in red wine barrels. Understanding what you like is an easy first step in expanding your palate.


Where is Your Favourite Place to Enjoy an Irish Whiskey Cocktail?

The Sun Tavern in London Is a real gem when it comes to drinking Irish spirit, in a great bar, relaxed environment and great bartenders and cool Irish whiskey cocktails on the menu.


Emily's Top Home Bartending Tip

Make sure none of your ingredients are above room temperature (chilled is best if you’ve got time to pre-plan). Warm ingredients will dilute ice faster and by the time you achieve perfect dilution, your drink won’t have cooled down enough.


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