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How to Create a Salted Rim

Whilst it isn’t always essential to add a salted rim - the salinity of salt can help to balance out the sweet and sour notes of cocktail serves such as the Margarita and Paloma. Just make sure to use it sparingly (as you would any seasonings) so that your drink isn't overly salty.

Here’s our guide on how to perfect a salted rim, which can also be used to guide you in creating a sugared rim too!


Step One: Cut a Wedge

Cut a wedge of citrus fruit and lightly squeeze it, to prevent excess juice from dripping down your glass.


Step Two: Run the Wedge Along the Rim

Run the wedge along the outside of your glass. This is to avoid the juice and salt altering the flavour of ingredients inside your glass.


Step Three: Use Kosher Salt

Add kosher salt to a small plate or saucer. Avoid table salt as it has a strong flavour and doesn’t stick as effectively.

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Step Four: Roll and Dab

Hold the glass at a 45° angle and dab and roll the rim carefully through the salt. Alternatively roll the glass and use your fingers to gently push the salt towards the rim.


Step Five: Neaten

Neaten the salt rim by gently wiping the bottom of it with a piece of kitchen roll, before tipping the glass upside down and setting the glass to one side to try, whilst you create your cocktail mixture.


Step Six: the Pour

Slowly pour the rest of the ingredients in, avoiding the rim.


Here are some additional tips to bear in mind

🧂 You don't have to have a fully salted rim - salting it halfway or three quarters of the way is becoming increasingly popular!

🧂 Get creative with your salt - we recommend Kosher or sea salt as standard and mixing this salt with chilli flakes or swapping in Tajín is great for adding a spicy kick, but it's worth experimenting with mixing your own spices and herbs in too!

🧂 Beyond lemon and lime, you can also get creative with the juice you use - grapefruit, cranberry and pineapple juice are perfect for the spring/summer season!


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