Introducing: Kat Stanley-Whyte, Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide

Introducing the latest addition to our expert panel of Spirits Guides, Kat Stanley-Whyte. An agave spirits fanatic with over 13 years of experience in the industry, Kat has secured her position as one of the leading bar experts in the UK. She’s currently bartending at the world-renowned American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London whilst curating content and developing partnerships with brands around the world.

We are so thrilled to have Kat on board to help curate our agave selection! Her first pick is The Lost Explorer Mezcal Espadín - so we caught up with her to find out her top tips when it comes to selecting mezcal, her home bartending tips and favourite places to enjoy agave spirits 🥃

Tell us more about why you have selected The Lost Explorer

The Lost Explorer Mezcal is a core staple to both my home bar and back bar due to its pure deliciousness and the fact it’s a divine introduction to what mezcal can be - not just smoke!

This mezcal has a soft, subtle spiciness with an underlying smokiness on the initial aroma, that then develops on the palateinto a surprisingly fresh, green, earthy flavour profile with a touch of herbaceousness, allowing the true cooked agave notes to shine.

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How do you suggest serving The Lost Explorer Espadín?

The Mezcal Negroni is a smooth tipple to either start or round out your evening. An easy twist on the much loved Caffe Casoni 1919 Italian classic, the mezcal negroni adds a delightful grassy, peppery note which bounces off the bitter Campari in delicious merriment. Equal measures is key for the balance, and be sure to use a block of ice in your rocks glass to keep this decadent classic from over-diluting.

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What are the common mistakes people make when it comes to Mezcal?

Picking the prettiest bottle and not necessarily doing the right research on the brand. Stay away from celebrity agave! Another misconception is that all mezcal is smoky. It’s not. It has so many diverse characteristics due to the immense range of agave species it can be made from.

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What are your top tips for picking Mezcal?

Always look for the NOM number on the bottle. Agave producers must show which distillery is producing the spirit and some produce a huge variety in massive capacities leading to a drop in quality. I always look for 100% agave on the bottle, which means there are no additives that are going to give you a headache in the morning.

Where are your favourite bars to enjoy agave spirits?

My Favourite agave bar has to be Kol Mezcaleria, their cocktails and selection are incredible and the staffs knowledge makes you feel comfortable stepping outside the norm. I also always trust Satan’s Whiskers with their tequila classics, perfectly balanced everytime.

What is your top home bartending tip?

Get creative with your pantry. There are so many underrated ingredients that can be utilised in cocktails. Home syrups are surprisingly easy to make, so have a look! You never know what you might end up creating.


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