Drinks Distilled X Bea Bradsell is Now Live!

Espresso Martini lovers, listen up…

We are so excited to reveal our collaboration with drinks expert Bea Bradsell, who has curated the ultimate Espresso Martini kits for us, just in time to raise a toast to our first anniversary and the festive season 🎉

As the daughter of renowned bartender Dick Bradsell, who created the serve, and having worked in some of the world’s best bars - Bea knows a thing or two when it comes to the iconic cocktail.

We've created three different sets in partnership with Bea's favourites - Belvedere Pure vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and illy coffee, to cater to every level of experience. What's more, we're also pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new Christmas gift wrap options, available sitewide from today!

We've partnered with Bea Bradsell, cocktail expert and daughter of Dick Bradsell - creator of the iconic Espresso Martini, to create the ultimate range of Espresso Martini gift sets. Featuring Belvedere Pure, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and illy coffee, these expertly curated sets have arrived just in time for the festive party season!

Shop the collection here or read on to learn more about Bea’s selections…

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The Collections

Each of the sets comes complete with Bea's tasting notes for Belvedere, Mr Black and illy coffee, as well as her ultimate Espresso Martini recipe. You can select from either our standard gift box or choose to add our new, luxurious red Drinks Distilled ribbon if you're purchasing one of them as a Christmas treat!


For the wannabe mixologist

The Beginner's Kit

Featuring the full bar kit required to create the dinner party favourite - this set is ideal for Espresso Martini lovers who are new to creating the serve at home.


For the seasoned host

The Espresso Martini Lover's Kit

For those who are practised Espresso Martini fans, this set features a larger bottle of Mr Black, without the cocktail shaker.


'Tis the season

The Stocking Filler

Perfect for Secret Santa - treat Espresso Martini lovers to this stocking-friendly kit, with mini versions of the spirits and our classic Raffles coupe.


The Ingredients

All of the ingredients within the kit are now also available to purchase individually on the Drinks Distilled website. Taking inspiration from her father's original lineup, here's what Bea has to say about her selections.


The vodka

Belvedere Pure

"My dad always advocated the high quality of Polish vodka. I've selected Belvedere Pure as it's bold enough to hold up the flavours of the serve with its spiced rye finish, whilst also featuring a subtle sweetness and that all-important creamy mouthfeel."


The coffee liqueur

Mr Black

"Mr Black is less sweet than your average coffee liqueur, with its rich, bitter profile balancing perfectly with delicate, bright, floral and fruity notes. It's the perfect coffee liqueur to make home bartending a breeze."


The espresso

illy Coffee

"I like to use illy espresso coffee to top off the serve, as it was my dad’s chosen favourite, thanks to the unique sweetness of its Arabica beans and its smooth and rich flavour profile, which allows the more decadent ingredients to shine through.”


The Glassware and Barware

Here are some top tips from Bea when it comes to the glassware and barware included in the kits.

"I’m a fan of a bit of a ‘V’ to my Espresso Martini glasses. Maybe not all the way to the giant mid-90s glasses but just enough of the shape to remind you of them and bring a touch of nostalgia to the experience."


"However, I also enjoy sipping my espresso martinis and a classic martini from a smaller, vintage-style coupe glass. This means they always stay ice cold, and you can keep topping them up if you have had the foresight to pre-batch your cocktails!"


“For your Espresso Martini, you want to make sure you properly ice up your shaker. You’re going to need to shake it hard to get that beautiful frothy head and lots of good-quality ice will help with this. The more ice you add to your shaker, the less it melts, which when you give the drink a hard shake means it chills down without going watery."


“I think the Espresso Martini is often thought of as a sickly-sweet cocktail and it’s not meant to be. It should be a fine balance of the ingredients - so having the right tools such as a jigger to aid this is very important. A bar spoonful of sugar syrup should be enough for this serve, and it will also help you ensure you have included every last drop of foam to sit on top of your Espresso Martini!"


The Recipe


Each of the sets comes complete with recipe and tasting note cards, but if you want to start practising your skills now - head over to our recipe library to learn more about the history of the Espresso Martini and Bea's ultimate recipe and tips!


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