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Introducing: The Vintage List

We discovered The Vintage List’s stunning, handcrafted glassware range whilst we were on holiday in the Cotswolds and knew immediately, we wanted to feature them on Drinks Distilled! Not only do the founders share our love of vintage inspiration, but they have managed to create glassware that is not just beautiful but practical too. This Christmas you can add a special touch to your table settings, whilst being safe in the knowledge that these glasses can be loaded into a dishwasher whilst you recover on the're welcome🎄


The Inspiration

The Vintage List is inspired by the timeless designs of glassware that its founders discovered whilst exploring English antique markets and salesrooms.

The Craft

The glass is mouth blown into moulds and then hand-engraved on fast turning wheels. This is time-consuming and skilful work, which makes each glass unique.

Not just for special occasions

All of their glassware is handmade from lead-free crystal and are designed to be practical, so you can use them every day. They are dishwasher safe and, unlike genuine antique glass, can always be replaced if you manage to break one!

We stock three of their classic styles here at Drinks Distilled...

1. The Lens Rocks Glass, £15 each

This Rocks style of glassware is designed to draw warmth from your hand into the glass, whilst its wide rim also allows the aroma to collect just above the drink itself. The thick base of the glass also makes it ideal for muddling (grinding ingredients at the bottom to release flavours) which is what makes this glass so ideal for Old Fashioned cocktails where sugar and bitters are mixed.


2. The Greek Key Coupe, £15 each

Coupe glasses were originally designed back in the 17th century to serve champagne, even though their large surface area allows for the bubbles to escape the liquid! They have become increasingly popular for holding cocktails as they heighten sweetness and reduce burn. Drinks served in Coupe glasses tend to be blended without ice and their long stems will prevent your hands from warming your cocktail as you drink it.


3. The Lens Highball Glass, £14 each

The shape of a Highball glass allows bubbles from mixers to slowly rise up and the ice to stay cool, maintaining a slower dilution rate. The long sides also trick us into experiencing a higher level of sourness, which can be further amplified with a garnish of lemon or lime.


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