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The Drinks Distilled Gifting Edit: For The Minimalist

When you're shopping for someone who likes to keep things simple, it's all about picking items that will work hard for them, here's our curated picks for the minimalists in your life.


The Bottle: Valentian Vermouth Rosso, £28.99

When you prefer to stock a small but mighty home bar, vermouth is a must have. According to Spirits Guide Inka Larissa "What makes Valentian unique is its blend of Italian white wines and Scottish new make malt spirit (normally used to make Scotch whisky). It's more bitter and lighter bodied than some of the classic Vermouth di Torinos." Mix Valentian Vermouth Rosso with tonic water for a reduced alcohol option, serve it simply on ice or use it for classic cocktails like the Negroni, Boulevardier or Americano.


The Glassware: Timeless Double Rocks Glass, £9.99 each

This stylish double rocks glass is crafted from crystal glass and has a timeless cut glass design. As the name would suggest - double rocks glasses are a little larger than regular rocks glasses, so you are guaranteed to have more room for ice and other ingredients. A home bar essential, especially for fans of short cocktails and neat spirits.


The Kit: French Style Shaker, £19.99

This beginner-friendly, art deco inspired French style cocktail shaker will add a sophisticated, vintage touch to any home bar setup. It comes complete with a Hawthorne Strainer to ensure smooth sipping!


The Glassware: Z Stem Martini Glass, £8.99 each

The shape of this distinctive long stemmed glass is easier to grip than a regular martini glass, allowing you to keep the warmth of your hands well away from a perfectly chilled beverage. The martini glass may share its name with a specific type of cocktail and brand, but it's more versatile than you might think. Essentially, it's a good choice for any cocktail that's shaken or stirred with ice before being served without ice.


The Kit: Astor Mixing Glass and Hawthorne Strainer, £20.99

This stylish, art-deco inspired mixing glass is perfect for fans of spirit-forward cocktails that are stirred, not shaken, like a Martini or Manhattan. It comes complete with a Hawthorne strainer to prevent unwanted ice and other debris entering your cocktail. Why not add in the matching jigger and bar spoon with a built in muddler, to give the gifts of portion control and evenly mixed cocktails?


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