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Tequila Sazerac Recipe

Swap the cognac or whisky for Olmeca Altos Añejo tequila in this delicious Sazerac cocktail recipe.


What you need 


  1. Put your Rocks glass in the fridge to chill (for between 30-60 minutes).

  2. Add 5ml Pernod Absinthe to the Rocks glass and rinse the inside of the glass thoroughly. You can do this with a swirl or a slow roll. Once the inside of the glass has been coated, discard whatever's left of the absinthe. If you'd rather not discard the absinthe, consider serving it in a shot glass as a chaser. 

  3. Stir 60ml tequila, 15ml agave syrup and 3 dashes of Peychaud's Bitters in the Rocks glass.

  4. Squeeze the orange peel twist over the cocktail to express the oils and then discard it (if you put the peel into the drink, it will ruin the balance of flavours).


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