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3 Spirits & Cocktail Trends for 2023, Straight Up

We can think of a whole plethora of trends that have inspired us for the year ahead. But in keeping with our goal to always keep things distilled, and like a simple Old Fashioned cocktail, here are our predicted trends for 2023 in just three parts…

1. Nostalgia

The expression goes ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. The nostalgia trend is a no-brainer for us, as we are huge fans of classic cocktails and vintage drinkware and barware here at Drinks Distilled!

A fascination with all things retro will be a big focus this year, with drinkers looking for serves, barware and drinkware that transport them back to better times. A recent report by Bacardi confirmed that 50% of bartenders are most interested in classic cocktails with a twist such as the Martini, Negroni, Highball and Old Fashioned, and that spicy and bitter flavours will continue to grow in popularity.

Elevated twists on the Martini in particular are predicted to take centre stage - inspired by riffs created during the cocktail renaissance of the 90s, such as the espresso and pornstar martinis. We can’t wait to see how bartenders elevate this timeless serve in the year ahead!

Get ready to perfect your nostalgic serves with our range of vintage glassware and cocktail recipes


2. Mindful drinking year-round

Abstinence isn’t just for non-drinkers. Recent YouGov research cites that more than a quarter of those that drink alcohol now semi-regularly drink low and no alcohol products. Many are moderating throughout the year and not just during moments such as Stoptober and ‘Dry January’. In fact, an increasing amount of you are going for a ‘Damp January’ instead.

A BBC Good Food article featuring insights from professors and lecturers mentioned several benefits to quitting alcohol for a month, but among these was also the important message that longer-term drinking patterns are important too.

At Drinks Distilled, we’re fortunate enough to be working with some of the leading voices and brands in the UK’s no and low ABV space. It has always been important for us to provide you with non-alcoholic spirits and educate you on low and reduced alcohol options too. This means you have options for when you want to moderate but don’t want to cut out drinking completely.

To help you get into the moderation mindset, we’ve partnered with non-alcoholic spirits brand CROSSIP and east London cocktail bar Seed Library to create a Moderation Menu (running in-bar until the end of January) and lower ABV Cocktail Kit.

Read more about our collaboration, shop our full NoLo range or check out our Beginner’s Guide to No and Low for tips!


3. Quality-driven home bars with stories to tell

The world of spirits can be like a poorly mixed and greedily sipped Negroni: overwhelming to the point where you just want to call the whole thing off. With all kinds of trends, such as the rise of mezcal and flavoured vodka, it can be tough to keep up and select a spirit for yourself or as a gift. There are other problems aside from the difficulty of navigating spirits too. It’s no secret that we all have less money to spend than we did previously, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality.

With the rise in home mixology, we know that drinkers are on the hunt for quality products that will help them create memorable cocktail moments from the comfort of their homes. At Drinks Distilled we have a range of spirits to suit all budgets, but all of them have one thing in common: we can guarantee their quality, thanks to the fact they are selected by some of the UK’s top drinks experts.

The origin stories behind drinks brands are another important consideration when treating yourselves and others. This is why every single one of our listings are accompanied by our Spirits Guides’ insights, which you’ll also receive in the form of a free tasting and recipe card with your order.

We know it’s becoming increasingly hard to treat yourself, so why not try our Spirits Compass Q&A to cut down the chances of a new purchase gathering dust on your drinks trolley?


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