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The Drinks Distilled Gifting Edit: For The Maximalist

Today we're encouraging you to go big with your gifting, with our guide on what to buy the maximalists in your life this Christmas! From beautifully designed bottles like Aranami Strength Gin by Hidden Curiosities Gin (which Spirits Guide Emma Stokes handpicked as an ideal option to make a Negroni with), to a colourful mix of new and vintage drink and're guaranteed to find something unique for the eclectic cocktail enthusiasts in your life on Drinks Distilled.


The Bottle: Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength, £45.95

Aranami translates to 'Raging Waves' in Japanese and this Navy Strength, award-winning gin certainly packs a flavourful punch, thanks to its 59% ABV and 20 botanicals (7 of which are sourced from Japan). Overflowing with citrus, pepper and floral notes with a beautifully long finish, this Aranami gin is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate. Not only will its bold flavour appeal to maximalists who have a penchant for negronis, but the stunning, Japanese-inspired design will make it hard for them to know which side to put on display!

The Drinkware: Ceramic Parrot, £13.99

This ceramic parrot will add a pop of colour and a quirky handmade twist to any home bar set up. As it's been made to resemble a tropical parrot, it makes sense that it should be used for long cocktails with tropical fruits and flavours.

The Kit: The Pineapple Cocktail Shaker, £19.99

This fun pineapple-inspired cocktail shaker is what's known as a Cobbler, a shaker style that has three handy parts: a metal tin, cap and built-in strainer. So not only does it look stylish with its embossed finish, but it's also perfect for those looking for a shaker that's easy to master! We also have a matching jigger and spoon if you want to gift a complete set.

The Drinkware: Blue Vintage Coupe, £14.99

This vintage Bormiolo Rocco Jerba coupe hails from Italy and features an elegant wing design. Its deep bowl and heavy base means it can also easily double up as a dessert bowl. Coupe glasses were originally designed back in the 17th century to serve champagne, even though their large surface area allows for the bubbles to escape the liquid! They’ve become increasingly popular for holding cocktails as they heighten sweetness and reduce burn. Drinks served in Coupe glasses tend to be blended without ice and their long stems will prevent your hands from warming your cocktail as you drink it.


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