Introducing: Drinks Distilled x Kaneo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with luxury, reusable cracker brand Kaneo on a limited-edition ‘Spirit of Christmas’ cocktail printed cracker and gift set.

Arriving just in time for cocktail lovers to raise a toast sustainably this festive season, this range ensures hosts can customise each set of six Kaneo crackers with a tipple according to each Christmas party guest’s taste.

We’ve enlisted our trusty lineup of Spirits Guides, to handpick six premium miniature bottles of spirits, each accompanied by mini recipe cards with their insights and favourite recipes; as well as reusable, stainless steel cocktail stirrers in gold, copper and silver. Here’s what they picked:

Belvedere Pure Vodka


Selected by Bea Bradsell, drinks expert and daughter of Dick Bradsell, the creator behind the Espresso martini who explains: “Belvedere Pure was the first vodka I really fell in love with. It blows the idea that vodka is a flavourless ‘neutral’ spirit out the window. It has a bold enough flavour to hold up to the strong flavours of an Espresso Martini or to sip neat, and it’s complex enough to experiment with.”

Discover Belvedere Pure Vodka

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Original Rum


Selected by award-winning drinks writer Millie Milliken who comments: “This is one of the best benchmarks you’ll find for a spiced rum out there. It screams spices, citrus and Christmas cake – absolute heaven in hot drinks. However, it’s super versatile and works in spiced versions of classic rum cocktails too, from Mai Tais to Daiquiris".

Discover Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin


Selected by Emma Stokes, the blogger behind Gin Monkey, head of World Gin Day and judge for the World Gin Awards who comments: "Juniper, gin’s core botanical, is more integrated into the mix in New Western Dry gins such as this one. With its 47 botanicals there’s a lot going on, but it's successful in being complex whilst also being robust and balanced.”

Discover Monkey 47 Gin

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish whiskey


Selected by Emily Chipperfield, Group Bar Manager at Caravan and whisky specialist who explains: “This is a great introduction to the unique Irish style of making whiskey. It's a triple distilled single pot still whiskey, using both malted and unmalted barley. Although it has no age statement, it comprises whiskies between 7 and 10 years old.”

Discover Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka


Selected by Millie Milliken who comments: “This is undoubtedly one of the best vodkas I’ve ever tried. It’ll shut anyone up who thinks vodkas don’t have any character, because this one is brimming with it. The biggest takeaway from this vodka though is its texture – beautifully creamy and mouth coating.”

Discover Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

Everleaf Forest Non-Alcoholic Aperitif


Selected by Inka Larissa, founder of drinks blog On The Sauce Again and co-founder of the Whisky Sisters podcast, who explains: "Everleaf Forest is the ideal non-alcoholic aperitif for those who enjoy a spritz, as it has a lovely bitterness to it with notes of citrus and a mix of spices. This also makes it a great alternative to Italian bitters."

Discover Everleaf Forest

A Sippable, Yet Sustainable Treat


If you’re looking to take a more sustainable approach to hosting, our new collaboration is the perfect way to raise a toast mindfully this Christmas.

Alongside the collaborative ‘Spirit of Christmas’ cocktail print, Kaneo has a wider range of seven stylish designs that can also be paired with the Drinks Distilled gift set and enjoyed for many Christmases to come. Each set of crackers come complete with:

  • Reusable chalkboard labels with QR codes linking to ‘chuckles or challenges’ and a sheet of gold letter stickers to customise them
  • Eighteen recyclable gold paper crowns (enough for three parties worth)
  • Eighteen unique sticky snaps, so your party will go off with a bang every time

The Drinks Distilled x Kaneo collaborative kits are available to order now via the Kaneo website. Alternatively if you’d like to purchase the set of miniature bottles, recipe cards and stirrers as a handy set of stocking fillers or place setting treats, you can purchase from either Kaneo, or directly from the Drinks Distilled website.

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