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Salted Yuzu Negroni Recipe

"Whilst any gin with a higher ABV would work well in a Negroni to cut through the Campari a little better than a standard gin, this twist on the classic is a must try. Created by Hidden Curiosities' founder Jenny, the addition of a touch of Yuzu and a pinch of salt elevates this cocktail to god-like levels. Salt might seem a bit strange here, but it actually amplifies citrus notes in cocktails. Try a gin sour both ways (with and without salt) and sip side by side and you’ll see what I mean.

You’re going to want larger ice cubes if possible for Negronis to maximise chill and minimise dilution. The best way to achieve this at home is to fill a plastic container or Tupperware full of water and freeze the whole thing. Sadly it won’t be clear like the blocks you see in bars these days but it will do the job just fine. If the cube you produce is huge, use a bread knife to score where you’d like to split the block before tapping the top of the knife gently with something heavy to split into smaller blocks."

- Emma Stokes, Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide


What you need 


  1. Try to find large ice cubes, or ideally one large chunk of ice to maximise chill and minimise dilution. Add the ice to your Rocks glass, followed by 25ml gin, 25ml Cocchi Americano Rosa, 25ml Campari, 15ml Yuzu liqueur and a pinch of salt.

  2. Stir to combine and garnish with a lemon twist. 
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