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Mezcal Negroni Recipe

"The Mezcal Negroni is a smooth tipple to either start or round out your evening. An easy twist on the much loved Caffe Casoni 1919 Italian classic, the mezcal negroni adds a delightful grassy, peppery note which bounces off the bitter Campari in delicious merriment. Equal measures is key for the balance, and to add a classy touch, look to use a block of ice in your rocks glass to keep this decadent classic from over-diluting."

- Kat Stanley-Whyte, Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide


What you need 


  1. Add 30ml mezcal, 30ml Campari and 30ml sweet vermouth into the mixing glass

  2. Add cubed ice

  3. Stir until well-chilled

  4. Strain into a rocks glass with a block of ice (cubed if unavailable).

  5. Garnish with an Orange Twist, and ensure to twist the zest across the top of the cocktail.
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