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Halloween, Bonfire Night and Day of the Dead… oh my!

It’s officially spooky season, so we’ve rounded up some BOO-zy treats to help you celebrate…





Our range of tequilas have been hand selected by Robyn Evans, Groups Bar Manager for the award-winning Hacha Bars in Dalston and Brixton. First up we have a spooky, yet simple serve that’s steeped in tradition. According to Robyn, El Tequileño Blanco is "historically important, as it's the chosen tequila for the La Batanga cocktail. This was created by Don Javier of the world famous La Capilla Cantina, the oldest bar in Tequila, Jalisco."

El Tequileño Blanco is perfect for those looking for an approachable, beginner friendly flavour profile and with tradition dictating that the La Batanga cocktail is stirred down with a knife, we can’t think of a better cocktail to both impress and terrify your Halloween party guests with (when your stir is accompanied by a menacing stare!)




When it comes to bonfire night, only smoky or warming serves will do for us here at Drinks Distilled HQ!

For those of you looking for non-alcoholic and Low ABV options – why not try Crossip’s Dandy Smoke selected by La’Mel Clarke, Floor Manager of Seed Library, according to him:

“This smoky yet sweet spirit has an incredible amount of texture and flavour for an alcohol-free option. Whilst it hasn’t been designed to mimic alcoholic spirits, it’s a great alternative for fans of dark, smoky spirits when served with or without ice. Don’t let that deter you though, it’s so versatile that it also works as a flavourful ingredient for mixing into long cocktails, with or without alcohol.”

Not only can it be mixed as a Non-Alcoholic cocktail, but it can also be used to create Low ABV serves when mixed with 5 ml of rum, tequila, mezcal or whisky and a mixer of your choice.


Next up - although Mezcal’s tasting notes reach far beyond the smoky flavour profile it has come to be known for, it would be remiss of us not to mention of our artisanal mezcals as both a bonfire night and Day of the Dead option for your home cocktail menu!

Our mezcals have been handpicked by Lucia Massey, the co-founder of East London mezcal and music bar, Doña. According to Lucia - Dangerous Don Mandarina is the perfect introduction to Mezcal for those looking to explore the category, thanks to its “delicately fruity flavours created using the pulp of Oaxacan mandarin” and soft, medium level of smokiness.

For those well versed in Mezcal, the award-winning Picaflor Wild is “mezcal at its heartiest, packing a flavour-filled punch that will leave your palate with the sweet and smoky aroma of roasted agave”.

Enjoy both of these with a sprinkle of Tajin and a slice of orange to experience their full flavours, or head to our mezcal cocktail recipe section for ideas on how they are both mixed!




The Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead will be happening between 1st and 2nd November this year. The festival sees friends and family gathering to pay respects to loved ones who have passed and to celebrate the living friends and family who mean so much to them. 

We’ll be raising a toast with Olmeca Altos Añejo tequila – a great choice for seasoned tequila lovers as its complex flavours work well for sipping neat or for creating a unique twist on a classic Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Sazerac.




Finally, for those looking for warming drink options this Autumn, why not explore our handpicked range of whisky and rum selected by our Spirits Guides? Head to our recipe section for the best way to enjoy each of the selections, including an Irish whiskey hot toddy courtesy of Green Spot Whiskey and a rum-based twist on a negroni, courtesy of our Jason-Candid Knüsel and Appleton Estate Rum.


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