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The 7 Cocktails We’re Sipping This Autumn

Ah Autumn…crunchy leaves underfoot, hearty meals, bonfires and best of all, the chance to get creative with some delicious cocktails to cosy up with as the evenings draw in.

We’ve put together an awesome autumnal cocktail selection to inspire you, based on the cocktails and spirits that are on trend right now, or simply never go out of style at this time of year!


The New Classics

Back in January, we predicted that nostalgia and the revival of classic cocktails would be one of the biggest drinks trends for 2023. As we head into Autumn, a naturally nostalgic time of year, why not try your hand at creating some of these inspired twists on classic cocktails:


1 - Tequila Manhattan

The popularity of tequila sees no sign of slowing down, with drinkers recognising its versatility and no longer needing a reminder that the agave spirit was never intended to be consumed as a shot. Whilst it might be most well known for summer serves such as the Margarita, tequila can also be put to work in classic cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned to brilliant effect.

An aged tequila like Olmeca Altos Añejo Tequila works particularly well in a Manhattan - the perfect serve to enjoy during a crisp autumn cocktail hour!

As Spirits Guide and agave expert Robyn Evans explains: “The rich, complex flavours of the roasted agave and vanilla notes really shine in this serve, with a little bit of sweet vermouth and orange bitters to help boost those flavours further.”

2 - Rum Negroni

2023 has seen drinkers increasingly consider rum an excellent alternative to pricey single malt scotch.

Spirits Guide Jason Candid-Knusel recommends enjoying Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Casks Jamaica Rum in a Negroni. A Negroni and its variations can make for excellent autumnal drinks. Based on bold and warming flavours, the Negroni is great for late-night, fireside sipping.

This rum brings its rich, chocolate-like sweetness and complexity to the classic cocktail, providing a balanced contrast to the bitterness of Campari and complementing the sweetness of the vermouth. 

3 - Mezcal Martini

Mezcal has seen a huge surge in demand in recent years, partly thanks to drinkers waking up to the fact that the category has such a plethora of flavour options compared to tequila.

While the classic Martini recipe is created using gin or vodka and vermouth, substituting gin or vodka with Dangerous Don Mandarina Mezcal adds a truly autumnal twist to the iconic serve.

Notes of citrus, ginger spice and herbal zest shine through, coupled with a soft smokiness that will bring a sense of warmth and comfort - reminiscent of bonfires and the changing colours of autumn leaves.

Seasonal Heroes

These ever-popular serves never go out of style, particularly during the autumn season!


4 - Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy is an autumnal classic. Usually made with whisky and served hot, it’s warming on multiple fronts.

Spirits guide Emily Chipperfield recommends using the autumnal flavour notes of Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey to great effect in a Hot Toddy:

"Green Spot’s approachable flavour profile means it adds a great dimension to cocktails. It works well in a hot toddy during winter months, thanks to its apple and pear flavour notes."

The next two seasonal cocktails were both created by legendary bartender Dick Bradsell.


5 - Bramble

Blackberries are one of the central ingredients of this serve, and are in season from late summer, through to the end of October, meaning they will be at their peak in terms of flavour and sweetness at this time of year.

Using fresh, ripe berries adds a delightful seasonal touch to this refreshing gin-based cocktail - the perfect welcome drink when you’re entertaining friends.

6 - Espresso Martini

The warming and invigorating coffee and vodka-based flavour notes of this serve make it the ideal digestif. It's also sure to keep conversation flowing during dinner parties in the colder months!

Drinking mindfully this Autumn

Just because it’s fall, that’s no excuse for having too much falling over water! If you’re looking to moderate your drinking this season, head to our No and Low Cocktail recipe library, where you’ll find plenty of options. Here’s one of our favourites:


7 - Dandy Sour

This well-balanced non-alcoholic cocktail captures the essence of autumn with its smoky, fruity, and citrusy flavours. The use of apple juice and honey in its recipe brings in the flavours of ripe apples and the sweetness of honey, both classic autumn ingredients.

Ideal for fans of dark spirits, Crossip Dandy Smoke provides a rich and warming flavour, perfect when entertaining guests during Bonfire Night celebrations.


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